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Colorado Wool Company Fiber Mill

The Colorado Wool Company Fiber Mill is located in Villa Grove Colorado and is open for tours by appointment only. These can be scheduled by calling (719) 207-4345 or emailing us at


We started processing fiber by hand in 2012 and by 2014 our fiber mill was established.  Operated by three generations, we truly are a family run business. Processing natural fibers from most fiber bearing animals has been our passion for more than a decade.  Although we no longer process standard yarn for customers, we do offer luxurious roving, fun yarn, rug yarn, felt sheets, insoles and dryerballs, all from your own animals!


If your interested in having fiber processed, feel free to contact us with any questions.  All fiber will need to have a processing sheet attached when you drop off or ship your fiber to us (available to download here) .  We accept drop off and pick up at our Salida CO store, at the mill or at any of the shows we attend.

Welcome our Mill

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